Examples of our experience

We offer services as projects and continuous services. Returning clients are the best indicator of our success.

Thinking Portfolio

Thinking Portfolio, a software-as-a-service company we co-founded, uses content marketing relentlessly. As a result, customers know the company not only as a software provider but  as a thought leader and educator. Thinking Portfolio has now over 50,000 end users in over 50 countries.


ReCoTech is an official side event for Europe’s biggest startup gathering, Slush. We produced a print and audio magazine, ReCoTech Review, for the event. It included 20 interviews with thought leaders, industry practitioners, and startups. We also created the website for ReCoTech 2017.


buildingSMART standardizes processes, workflows, and procedures for BIM. We’ve helped buildingSMART Finland plan and execute communication and promote professional events through content marketing.

Startup Showrooms

Asuntomarkkinat (The Housing Markets) is a leading event in its category in Finland. We are a partner of the event and have organized special exhibitions that showcase startups and innovators in the housing sector.

AEC Business

AEC Business, Aarni Heiskanen’s blog and podcast, started in 2012. The blog has helped Aarni become a global influencer in the construction industry with over 17,000 followers. The reach of AEC Business in January 2018 was 368,000 internet users.

Research Communication

Research reports are often forgotten after they’ve been published. We produced two mobile-enabled, dynamic reports for RYM, a  public–private partnership aiming to speed up innovation in the construction and real estate industries.

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