Our Services

Content and social media marketing services for construction tech professionals

Systemized content marketing and management services

All services include social media shares through our channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) and the option to re-post on AEC-Business.com, a Top 10 construction tech blog.


We set up and manage your blog and provide unique and fresh content that interests your audience. The posts can be based on interviews with your staff, customers, and thought leaders. If you have a blogging platform, we’ll use it. Alternately, we’ll build and host you a WordPress blog.


We set up and manage your podcast channel (iTunes) and make sure you have new content regularly. We take care of all the technical stuff (remote and on-site recording, sound editing, publishing on several platforms, etc.).


We set up and manage your video blog channel and make sure you have new content regularly. We take care of all the technical stuff (video shooting, audio, lighting, post-production, uploads to streaming services, etc.).


We edit your newsletter and provide unique content. If you don’t already have a newsletter platform, we’ll set up one for you.

Event Promotion

We create content that promotes your event on the web, on social media outlets, and through our own channels. The service includes written/video/audio keynote speaker interviews, promotional videos and social media content.

Content Management

We manage your web and social media channels and publish new content as it becomes available.

Educational Content and Case Studies

Educational content and case studies are perfect giveaways on your website. They can be e-books, white papers, e-magazines, e-courses, videos, etc.

We take care of the whole production process from ideation to content creation and distribution.


The Tech Marketing Bundle

If you’re selling something completely new, customers may find difficult to understand what you’re selling. Moreover, they can’t exactly see the value of your offering.

We want to help you overcome this scenario by offering a special marketing bundle. It helps your marketing and sales teams and works 24/7 online as a virtual salesperson.

The bundle consists of consulting , thoughtfully crafted content, and marketing actions.

Email us at  to set up a call for more information.

Crowdfunded Media

Collect a group of companies, associations, or other interest groups and fund your own media affordably. We take care of the whole process, from the initial idea to delivery and follow-up.

We’ve created several informational printed and online publications, and video and audio series for various groups of customers.

Contact us for more information at info@aepartners.fi.

Communication Coaching


Are you going to pitch your product or service or are you composing a presentation?

We’ve seen thousands of slide shows and listened to countless presentations. Only a handful have been as good as they deserved to be.

We want to teach you how to ideate, compose, and deliver a presentation that stands out. Contact us at info@aepartners.fi if you’re interested in becoming a better communicator and giving killer presentations.

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