How to Manage Client Relationships

Author: Aarni Heiskanen

Download my short guide for Architects, Engineers, and Contractors.

The guide covers the following topics:

  • Challenges in customer relationships
  • Who are the clients?
  • Make sure you have a strategy
  • Understand what creates value
  • Identify and evaluate your client relationships
  • Optimize your client portfolio
  • Develop and maintain client relationships systematically
  • How to proceed

The Management Consulting Blueprint

Author: Aarni Heiskanen

How to use consulting tools and systems to bring more structure to your consulting work, improve your confidence, and deliver bigger results for your clients.

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Your Next Vision

Authors: Aarni Heiskanen and Mikko Taskinen

We’ve helped hundreds of people get their business off the ground and steer it in the right direction. The first step is always the same: you need a vision.

Many professionals have ideas but struggle to put them into a clear vision. This is why we wrote Your Next Vision – a simple guide to building a business vision. We provide examples, ideas, tools, and steps to get you started.

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