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What makes a successful project? Is it the plan, the team, or the project manager? Those are essential factors, but how you communicate about the project with external stakeholders is also critical.

We specialize in project stakeholder communication, from planning to post-project reviews. We provide communication management, content, and tools for your project’s success.

Our clients are technology companies and organizations across the world.

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Project stakeholder communication

Project communication is the process required to ensure timely and appropriate generation, collection, distribution, storage, retrieval, and disposition of project information.

Who are the project stakeholders?

Stakeholders can be an individual, a group, or an organization that will be affected by the outcome of your project and can influence its success. In addition to the project team, project stakeholders are, for example, clients, customers, financiers, authorities, directors, and government bodies. Media corporations and online influencers can also be stakeholders in some cases.

Project communication planning

All project plans should include a communication management plan. It contains the following information:

  • Goals
  • What to communicate
  • With whom
  • For what purposes
  • When and how often
  • How.

Internal project communication is included in your project work budget. The appropriate budget amount for external communication depends on the project’s goals, scope, and resources. You should reserve 5 to 15 percent of the project budget for external stakeholder communication.

How to communicate

Project teams have a plethora of methods and tools for communication. In addition to meetings, teams use digital collaboration and messaging tools. They can make collaboration time and location independent.

Communication with external project stakeholders, like customers, takes place predominantly online. Projects can use various apps, social media platforms, virtual events, and websites for communication.


We offer both communication management and execution services over the life cycle of your project. We have helped our clients sell millions of dollars worth of projects and made sure that the communication during execution has been impeccable.

Project communication services

The sales & planning stage

  • Project pitch deck design
  • Project pitch video creation
  • Project proposal design
  • Project communication plan

The execution stage

  • Communication management and coordination
  • Communication tools
  • Project identity design
  • Project landing page/website creation and management
  • Communication content creation (written, audio, video, 3D models, etc.)
  • Management of the project’s social media channels
  • Project review virtual event hosting and streaming
  • Stakeholder feedback collection and analysis
  • Project presentation design

The completion stage

  • Final report design
  • Results presentations
  • Articles, videos, audio content
  • Results database publication
  • Post-project evaluation report

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