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Stand Out With Special Expertise
Articles Case Study

Stand Out With Special Expertise

March 6, 2015
Some AEC companies have a hidden treasure. It is their expertise, developed over the years, but overshadowed by the company’
BuildingSMART Infrastructure Vision
Articles Case Study

BuildingSMART Infrastructure Vision

March 6, 2015
buildingSMART Finland is a collaboration forum that brings together clients, contractors, software vendors and consultants to advance the active use
Eight Benefits of Thought Leadership

Eight Benefits of Thought Leadership

March 6, 2015
A thought leader is an individual or company that clients, peers, and other stakeholders recognize as one of the foremost
Use These 10 Slides for Your Startup Pitch

Use These 10 Slides for Your Startup Pitch

March 6, 2015
Are you preparing a presentation on your great business idea or startup? Here’s a checklist for a ten-slide presentation.
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The vision

Aarni heiskanen
Construction innovation agent
“Our vision is a construction industry that is more efficient, sustainable, and communicative. We believe in a future where technology and innovation are not just tools but the bedrock of a thriving AEC industry.”

Selected clients


Our services

AE Partners specializes in innovation and technology communication within the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) industry. We blend our deep knowledge of the AEC sector with reliable execution.

For decades, we’ve been the bridge between AEC technology companies and the world’s most influential decision-makers.

AEC communication services

Thought Leadership Building

Position your brand at the pinnacle of the AEC tech world. Earn media coverage and thought leadership status. Our communication services are tailored to amplify your voice, ensuring you’re heard by the right audience at the right time.


Strategic Networking

In the vast AEC landscape, connections matter. Our extensive network of industry leaders and innovators ensures you’re always in good company. Let us help you forge partnerships that last.

media channel

Your Media

Own your media, but also use platforms wisely. Share your story with precision and flair. From compelling articles to podcasts and webinars, our content solutions are crafted to resonate with your target audience.

Our experience

Expertise: Our architecture, software development, and management consulting roots give us a unique perspective on the AEC tech landscape.

Global Reach: With AEC Business, your message transcends borders, reaching a dedicated and influential global audience.

Innovation-Centric: At the heart of our approach is a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the AEC industry

R&D project communication

External communication is a key success factor for an R&D project. We’ve helped several R&D projects plan, coordinate, and execute their communication. Our services include systematic content creation (articles, social media posts, videos, etc.) and PR through the project’s life cycle.


Educational content

Education is an efficient tool for marketing and fostering change. We have authored several B2B e-learning courses and publications on various topics.

Your owned media

Building a sustainable tech business requires an owned media presence on a platform you control. We’ve built owned media for annual events, software firms, and business alliances.


Campaign development

You need focus and relevance to stand out in the overcrowded digital communication landscape. We help clients ideate, plan, and execute impactful campaigns.

Innovation strategy
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Your Gateway to the Global Stage

Leverage the power of our esteemed media outlet, AEC Business. With over a decade of credibility, our blog and podcast reach a discerning global audience of AEC technologists and decision-makers. It’s not just about broadcasting—it’s about engaging in meaningful dialogues that drive the future of the industry.

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