Building 2030 – A Business Consortium with a Vision

AE Partners helps the Building 2030 consortium change the construction industry for the better. Building 2030 is a Finnish consortium of 16 companies assembled by Aalto University. It has devised a national construction vision for 2030 and funds research that speeds...

Climate Corner

AE Partners organized Climate Corner, a showroom for experimental projects that help save energy or reduce emissions in residential environments.  The showroom featured government-supported KIRA-digi projects at Asuntomarkkinat, the leading residential market event in...

InfraBIM Open 2019 Was Sold Out

AE Partners created an international social media campaign to promote InfraBIM Open Tampere. The campaign consisted of image and video posts on Twitter and LinkedIn. The event was sold out.

AEC Hackathon 2.7 Helsinki Videos Online

The first Finnish AEC Hackathon was a great experience. Here are the Livestream videos that Aarni  recorded:  

The Business of Architecture Summit 2015

The Business of Architecture Summit 2015 is for architecture firm owners who want better income and lifestyle by having a profitable, sustainable and successful architecture practice. The event is virtual, in other words it is held entirely on-line, with...

AEC Hackathon 2.7 Helsinki

AEC Hackathon is coming to Helsinki in November! Follow the updates about this event from the local Helsinki team at Making of AEC Hackathon Helsinki! Make sure to join the Facebook event to get the latest updates. We’re happy to be one of the...

Stand Out With Special Expertise

Some AEC companies have a hidden treasure. It is their expertise, developed over the years, but overshadowed by the company’s so-called cash cows. One of my clients concluded that to sustain a leadership position, they had to move their special expertise into the...

Stand Out With Special Expertise

BuildingSMART Infrastructure Vision

buildingSMART Finland is a collaboration forum that brings together clients, contractors, software vendors and consultants to advance the active use and promotion of open-data standards in the construction industry. The infrastructure industry group of...

BuildingSMART Infrastructure Vision
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