Seven Years of Blogging is Aarni Heiskanen's blog and podcast for game changers and innovators in the construction industry. The blog started on June 17, 2012....

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A Video Series for ROTI

We produced a video series about ROTI, a report on the state of the built assets in Finland. The nine videos, in Finnish, were shot in Helsinki. They include a teaser, a launch video, and seven short statements by the chairpersons of the report theme...

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ROTI video series

A Social Media Video for Building 2030

AE Partners released a 40-second video for Aalto University. It promotes the Building 2030 consortium.   Building 2030 in 40 seconds #building2030 — Building 2030 (@building2030) 29. maaliskuuta...

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Building 2030 – A Business Consortium with a Vision

AE Partners helps the Building 2030 consortium change the construction industry for the better. Building 2030 is a Finnish consortium of 16 companies assembled by Aalto University. It has devised a national construction vision for 2030 and funds research that...

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