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A New Era of Construction Quality with IoT and Blockchain

A construction project is a network of hundreds of processes, participants, products, and materials. It’s no wonder that everything does not always go as planned. A building or infrastructure can have defects that are costly to repair and that can end up in lawsuits. The Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain technologies could give construction quality management a much-needed boost.

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ReCoTech: Aarni’s notes on the Slush side event

The first-ever ReCoTech meetup, an official Slush side event, took place in Helsinki on November 30, 2016. This meetup was an opportunity for startups to partner with established real estate and construction companies and possibly get funding.

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Our Book Released

We released today Your Next Vision – A guide for creating a compelling new vision for your company. The authors are Aarni Heiskanen (AE Partners) and Mikko Taskinen (Peilaus).

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