AE Partners Launches SnowBook™, an E-Learning Course Authoring Service

AE Partners has devised e-learning material and courses for over 15 years. In March 2022, we launched SnowBook™, an e-learning authoring and publication service for B2B companies.

E-learning is a powerful content marketing tool. An e-learning course allows companies to educate their present and future customers. Unlike ads, e-learning courses build customer relationships.

E-learning is a perfect medium for building awareness, trust, and thought leadership in the early stages of the buyer’s journey. The earlier in the buying process a vendor is involved with the customer, the more confident they are to do business with the company.

AE Partners has created e-learning courses and content for several tech companies and organizations. With the new SnowBook™ service, customers have been able to get hundreds of valuable leads and build trust among the prospects.

Learn more about SnowBook and contact us to discuss your needs.

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