About us

AE Partners founders are Aarni Heiskanen and Eija Merenmies. The company started in its present form in 1998.

Aarni Heiskanen has a master’s degree in architecture. He has worked as an architect, R&D manager, Certified Management Consultant (CMC), and software developer. He has consulted for over 150 companies.

Aarni co-founded Thinking Portfolio, a SaaS company, and developed its first commercial software product. Today, Thinking Portfolio has over 300,000 end-users in over 50 countries.

Aarni is a keen writer and podcaster. He started an award-winning blog and podcast in 2012. Because of his active role as a construction innovation agent, he’s been hailed as a top 100 global influencer in construction technology. Aarni has authored books and writes for international industry magazines.

Eija Merenmies is architect SAFA and specializes in architectural history research. She’s writes articles and takes part in book projects.

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