Aarni Heiskanen on Future Construct Podcast

This episode of the Future Construct Podcast (30 min interview) spotlights Aarni Heiskanen, Construction Innovation Agent, and addresses his customers’ perspective on pain points and trajectory of technology in construction, digital buildings and infrastructure, and real estate and construction.

Aarni joins host Amy Peck (@VirtualGirlNY) to discuss:

  • How the construction industry is ripe for technological advancements and digitalization and closing the gap of reluctance to bring technology in 
  • Tendencies of companies to want to move toward the next “shiny object” of technology simply for technology’s sake
  • How companies can circumvent the cycle of accomplishing goals through innovation and think more progressively about what kinds of companies they want to be in the future
  • Furthering a culture of collaboration among companies to further the progression of industries as a whole
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