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Aarni Heiskanen Speaks at Africa Construction & 4IR

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) will change the construction industry. The conference and exhibition Africa Construction & 4IR, discusses the present an future of construction on September 29-30, 2022. Aarni Heiskanen speaks at the event about the benefits...

A Panel Discussion on the Latest Construction Tech Trends

How is your organization remaining competitive in a sector about to be heavily transformed by digital technology? The global construction industry is predicted to grow by more than USD 14.4 trillion by 2030. Digital technology is playing a crucial role in transforming...

Innovation Voucher for Finnish Companies

Business Finland's innovation voucher is intended for SMEs with a new product or service idea that has the potential to grow internationally, and that cannot be implemented without external expertise. The voucher is your opportunity to buy expert services that bring...

AE Partners Facilitated Finland’s Geospatial Data Strategy Process

Finnish GeoForum summoned a group of geospatial data experts in 2021 to update Finland's national geospatial information strategy. Aarni Heiskanen of AE Partners was one of the facilitators of the process. You can find more info on the strategy on GeoForum's website...




Understand unmet needs, trends, and opportunities. We do international customer and market studies to help you identify and evaluate opportunities.



Navigating in the current business and tech environment can be confusing. Our innovation strategy service helps you find your focus and make smart decisions.



Ideation is extremely important but sometimes too unstructured to create real results. We help teams generate, develop, and communicate ideas. We also support you in assessing and prioritizing ideas.


Test and protype

A prototype turns an idea into something that you and your customers can test and assess. We create  prototypes that save you time and money.


Coaching and tools

We provide innovation coaching and help you use effective innovation methods and tools.


AEC Business is our communication agency for technology companies in the real estate end construction sector.




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