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In Search of Cement Replacements

Could we replace cement as the vital element in concrete someday? We look at two alternative answers to this question. Read the article

Breaking News: Blok Gets Funding from a Renowned Group of Investors

Blok, listed as one of the Hottest 100 European Startups by Wired UK, has secured several renowned investors to promote the company’s product development and marketing in its second round of financing. Read Aarni's...

Building a Culture of Experimentation – Presentation Slides

Construction industry companies of any size can develop and improve their business through experiments. Experimentation is a great, cost-effective way to explore new opportunities, learn new things, and implement what you’ve learned. The presentation by Aarni...

Reducing Uncertainty in Construction – Interview with Brittanie Campbell-Turner

Brittanie Campbell-Turner is a Construction Management professional and a podcast host. In this interview, we discuss construction productivity, ways to make it better, and the Constructrr podcast. Listen to the...

Aarni Heiskanen on the Nordic Smart Building Convention Advisory Board

Nordic Smart Building Convention is supported by an advisory board of highly regarded industry professionals. Aarni Heiskanen, the CEO of AE Partners, is one of the board members.  Read...

What we do

We have extensive experience in the real estate and construction industries. We’ve helped hundreds of forerunners turn ideas into concepts, communicate effectively, and commercialize their new or improved service.

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“has given our company competitive advantage for over 10 years”

“combines a fundamental analytical approach with a very hands-on and intuitive approach”

“extraordinary good qualities in business development”

About us

AE Partners started in its present form in 1998. It was founded by Aarni Heiskanen and Eija Merenmies. Since then we have served clients both in Finland and internationally. With our local and global partners we are able to provide flexibly and fast the services that our clients need.

We also build and commercialize new businesses in partnership with industry specialists. We co-founded Thinking Portfolio,  a growing company that provides SaaS for strategic portfolio management.

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