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ReCoTech Review

ReCoTech is a meetup for startups and real estate and construction industry firms. AE Partners produced a tabloid-sized magazine, ReCoTech Review, for the official Slush side event.  ReCoTech Review is a print magazine with 20 expert interviews from the proptech...


Granlund’s Innovation Strategy

For Granlund, innovation is a strategic essential and a core competency. We helped in devising the new innovation strategy for 2017-2021. Read the article


Project Days 2017

I chaired the afternoon seminars at Project Days on November 31 in Helsinki for Thinking Portfolio, a partner of the event. There were three great presentations on how to build, implement, and expand project portfolio management for IT and development projects. The...

What we do

We have extensive experience in the real estate and construction industries. We’ve helped hundreds of forerunners turn ideas into concepts, communicate effectively, and commercialize their new or improved service.

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“has given our company competitive advantage for over 10 years”

“combines a fundamental analytical approach with a very hands-on and intuitive approach”

“extraordinary good qualities in business development”

About us

AE Partners started in its present form in 1998. It was founded by Aarni Heiskanen and Eija Merenmies. Since then we have served clients both in Finland and internationally. With our local and global partners, we are able to provide flexible and fast the services that our clients need. We also build and commercialize new businesses and products.

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