Establish your built environment tech leadership

AE Partners

To become a tech leader in the built environment sector, you need a strategy. You also have to communicate effectively. We have helped startups, established companies, and academic institutions map out their future and build trust and leadership through systematic communication.



AEC innovation, technology, and communication strategy consulting.

Strategy consulting

Systematic Content Creation

We plan and execute systematic content programs.


Your Own Media Channel

We produce original content series (video, audio) for businesses and other organizations for a fixed fee.

virtual events

Virtual Event Series

We organize and broadcast recurring virtual events.

Examples of Our Work

aalto building 2030

Aalto University

A weekly content series on new construction processes and digital technologies based on interviews and event presentations

shooting construction drone video


A weekly video series for a construction AI startup featuring a subject matter expert in each episode

construction robotics


 Two 6-month weekly blog post series about built environment experimentation projects



A podcast series and a printed publication for a built environment event



A series of keynote-speaker interviews, podcast interviews, and live-streamed virtual events


Idea Wall is a tool that we developed for open online brainstorming. Lear more about Idea Wall and how you can use it to engage your customers and employees. Visit

Idea Wall online brainstorming tool


About Us

AEC Business is a communication and tech team specialized in the construction and real estate industries. It was founded by Aarni Heiskanen and Eija Merenmies. For over two decades, we have served clients in Finland and internationally.

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