BIM Summer School – Aarni Heiskanen Presenting

In this interview with Vishal Singh, assistant professor at Aalto University, tells about the upcoming BIM Summer School.  Aarni Heiskanen will be presenting at the BIM Breakfast on Saturday, June 3, 2017. Read the...
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Excite with Information

Information is everywhere, but only a small proportion of it has any effect on your target audience. Would you like to excite, educate, and engage your customers with information? Last-century advertising, boring PowerPoint presentations, and dull websites won’t...
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Aarni Featured as One of the 12 Prolific Construction Bloggers to Follow

Agency Central features 12 prolific construction industry bloggers to follow. Aarni's blog is included. The List of Distinguished Construction Bloggers & Blogs: Andrew Pryke - BAM Blog Kayley Bright - Pauley Creative: The Construction Marketers'...
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Parametric Design – Shajay Bhooshan of Zaha Hadid Architects

Robotics, 3D printing, and digital fabrication—these evolving technologies are changing how we design and construct. Looking into the future can surprisingly cause us to rediscover history, as Aarni learned when discussing parametric design with Shajay Bhooshan. Read...
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Predicting Our Future with Andrew Weinreich

Is construction ripe for disruption? Andrew Weinreich believes that homebuilding is much closer to a tipping point than ever before. In this interview, he explains why. Listen to the...
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We have extensive experience in the real estate and construction industries. We’ve helped hundreds of forerunners in our management consulting projects.  We develop digital solutions for communication and innovation.

Service Productization

Service Productization

Service productization is systematization of the service process and experience in a way that benefits both the customer and the provider.

With our help, you can productize both existing and new services.

Innovation Studio

Innovation Studio™

Innovation Studio™ combines talent, ideas, and tools&techniques to create a specific solution fast, typically in five days or less.

We provide solutions for B2B communication, conceptualization, and commercialization needs.

Our Products

To renew yourself, you need to learn new things and reconsider old practices. Learning is the ultimate success booster.

We publish books, write articles and organize learning opportunities for professionals. Our award-winning blog and podcast is for innovators and game changers in the construction industry.

Your Next Vision

We’ve helped hundreds of people get their business off the ground and steer it in the right direction. The first step is always the same: you need a vision.

There are many professionals who have ideas but are struggling to put them into a clear vision. This is why we wrote Your Next Vision – a simple guide on building a business vision. We provide examples, ideas, tools and steps to get you started.

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The Management Consulting Blueprint

How to use consulting tools and systems to bring more structure to your consulting work, improve your confidence and deliver bigger results for your clients.

  • Have more confidence in your work using the same tools that successful consultants use.
  • Bring structure and a proven process to your consulting projects.
  • Easily demonstrate measurable results to your clients.
  • Make the consulting process more efficient and effective.

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What our clients say

“has given our company competitive advantage for over 10 years”

“combines a fundamental analytical approach with a very hands-on and intuitive approach”

“extraordinary good qualities in business development”

About us

AE Partners started in its present form in 1998. It was founded by Aarni Heiskanen and Eija Merenmies. Since then we have served clients both in Finland and internationally. With our local and global partners we are able to provide flexibly and fast the services that our clients need.

We also build and commercialize new businesses in partnership with industry specialists. We are a co-founder of Thinking Portfolio,  a growing company that provides SaaS for strategic portfolio management.

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