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Finnish Podcast on the Future of Housing

Finland's Ministry of the Environment has a new podcast, in Finnish, called Uusi kaava. It talks about the future of living and housing in Finland. Aarni Heiskanen was a guest on the second episode, together with Dr. Antti Kurvinen. Listen to the...

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ProjectPro’s Q&A with Aarni Heiskanen

ProjectPro, a company providing Dynamics NAV or Business Central software enhancements for construction firms, interviewed Aarni Heiskanen for their Q&A blog. Aarni talks about construction technology and how it has helped companies during the pandemic. Read...

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ProjectPro Aarni

Aarni Heiskanen Q&A

Adeaca’s VP of Communications, Matt Mong, chats with Aarni Heiskanen, Construction Innovation Agent and Managing Partner at AE Partners and founder of AEC Business, about the state of the AEC industry today, the challenges they face in regards to adopting new...

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About Us

AE Partners helps technology trailblazers succeed. The company was founded by Aarni Heiskanen, a management consultant, and Eija Merenmies, an architect. For over two decades, we have served clients in Finland and internationally.

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