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We help companies in the construction sector make their business better.

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We’ve helped hundreds of construction industry trailblazers.

What we offer

AE Partners is a business consultancy helping construction industry innovators and game-changers to

  • Explore needs, problems, and opportunities
  • Experiment with services, processes, and digital technologies
  • Examine options, plans, and scenarios
  • Enchant customers with new services

What you get

Your short term benefits

  • Quick understanding of needs and opportunities
  • Confidence in decision-making
  • Clear plan for next steps

Your long term benefits

  • Best return on your knowledge and skills
  • Continuous and systematic improvement
  • Leadership position in your field

Our strengths

We’ve been in business consulting since 1999 and helped huhdreds of innovators. Our main strengths are

  • Knowledge of the industry and digital technologies
  • Cross-industry expertise
  • Design thinking
  • Systemic execution

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About us

AE Partners started in its present form in 1998. It was founded by Aarni Heiskanen and Eija Merenmies. Since then we have served clients both in Finland and internationally. With our local and global partners we are able to provide flexibly and fast the services that our clients need.
We also build and commercialize new businesses in partnership with industry specialists. We are a co-founder of Thinking Portfolio,  a growing company that provides SaaS for strategic portfolio management.


What our clients say

Ever since around the mid-eighties Aarni has been an important intellectual sparring partner of mine in strategic business development. In particular it should be recognized that the IT strategy in digital publishing, the process of which he moderated for our company Building Information Ltd as early as 2001, is still valid and has given our company competitive advantage for more than 10 years. Quite an achievement!

Christer Finne, R&D Director, The Building Information Foundation

Aarni is an exceptional multi-talented consultant who combines a fundamental analytical approach with a very hands-on and intuitive approach. Good practical guidance in the field of Strategy is rare. Aarni is the exception!

Kaj Hedvall, Director, Senate Properties

Aarni has extraordinary good qualities in business development where his extensive knowledge and experience from different industries comes out. Our common projects have been successful and I have no doubt that they will be such in the future as well.

Tuomas Kaarlehto, CEO, Rapal Oy

Selected clients

Aalto University
ISS Services
Senate Properties
Smart House

Examples of our work


  • Business case study of a real estate service
  • Business plan for a construction startup
  • Innovation strategy for an engineering company
  • Strategic partnership plan
  • Technology strategy for a construction software company

Service development

  • Mobile service concept development for a real estate firm
  • Online service design for a construction service
  • Plan for real estate online services
  • Productization plan for a software firm
  • Service concept development for a business alliance

Innovation management

  • Idea campaign for a real estate firm
  • Idea generation system development
  • Project portfolio development for a contractor
  • R&D project plan for a business alliance
  • Research communication plan and execution
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How we work

We believe in collaboration on a small and large scale, not forgetting the value of individual reflective work. We offer a process that is

  • Uncomplicated
  • Explorative
  • Facilitative
  • Collaborative
  • Organized

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